A Guide to the Myths about Hard Disk Destruction Service Options

The hard disk destruction service is now one of the leading options for those who wish to remove data that has been stored on a computer. Since the service is relatively new, there have been several myths about the hard disk destruction service. Within this latest post, we’ll separate the fact from fiction as we go over several hard drive destruction service myths.

Stockpiling hard drives in a secure location is safe

A common mistaken belief within the industry is that stockpiling hard drives in a secure location is safe. But data on stockpiled hard drives can still be stolen. Make sure that you consider the location of the hard drive and the time before the hard drive is destroyed. Simply keeping stockpiled hard drives in a secure location cannot protect the data from theft.

Formatting destroys data

While formatting data on your hard disk might corrupt a partition on the disk, it won’t completely destroy the data. The data on a formatted hard disk is still recoverable using modern technology, and so it’s important that you only use professional hard disk destruction services.

Magnets destroy hard disks

While there was a time when you could simply place a magnet on the hard disk to destroy the data stored on the disk, this is no longer the case. Data stored on the hard disk is now protected against magnetic forces, and so using a magnetic is no longer 100% effective.

A small business wouldn’t be a target for data theft

Many small business owners are under the impression that their business wouldn’t be targeted because of their size. Unfortunately, small businesses across the country are now subject to data theft. The data of your organization and its customers is worth significant amounts of money, and criminals will try many different techniques to gain access to this data.

Our experts at Hot Shred take a range of steps to ensure that our hard disk destruction service is completely successful.  The entire process is certified by industry experts and is offered through several convenient options, such as office pick up or directly at our facility. To discover more about the steps involved, call us today.




Document shredding has significant value for your organization. It can help protect you against data theft and ensure the security of your firm’s information for the years ahead. But most companies have limited experience in selecting document shredding services. And so within this latest post, we’ll explain more about choosing a qualified document shredding service in Waco, TX.

Consider special qualifications

In some cases, your shredding company will require special qualifications in order to handle the shredding work. For example, companies involved in the shredding of medical documents will require HIPAA compliance. This ensures that patient medical information doesn’t accidentally become revealed during the shredding work.

Consider the level of shredding required

You might be able to save money by working with a company that can handle all your document shredding requirements in one go. Many of the leading local companies offer one-time purge services, which ensure that a large number of documents can be destroyed in a short timeframe. If you haven’t completed document shredding work over a longer period, you might consider the value of the one-time purge service to ensure full value for money.

Review the Location of the Firm

One of the most common mistakes companies make when choosing a document shredding company is they focus on the company’s size rather than its location. The documents that are to be shredded must be transported from your location to the shredding company. Make sure that the company you choose has a local presence so that any mistakes made during transit can be reduced. Work with the local company to review your shredding needs and ask them how they complete the shredding process. Ask them what happens to the shredded remains of the documents before agreeing to work with the company.

Our team at Hot Shred is now one of the more experienced firms in Central Texas performing document shredding in Waco, TX. We’re a local company that has been entrusted with complex shredding requirements by some of the largest local businesses. And as a result of our work, we’ve helped secure companies and their customers against data theft and loss. To learn more about our work and our services, call us today.