Book Your Scheduled Recurring Shredding Service with HOT Shred

When your organization has significant amounts of sensitive materials to destroy on a regular basis, it’s critical that you have access to qualified professionals who can provide a guaranteed and secure solution. Our team at HOT Shred has decades of experience in this area of the marketplace, and we’re now offering a scheduled service designed to provide convenient destruction of sensitive materials.

Choose HOT Shred for:

Convenient pick-up services

All you team has to do is place the sensitive materials within your secure container and a member of our team will visit your offices at the agreed upon time to pick up the materials and begin the destruction work. There’s no need to coordinate this process each time, we offer scheduled services for the ultimate in secure convenience.

Professional destruction

Our work stands alone within the marketplace. We offer comprehensive destruction at our secure facility staffed by the most qualified professionals in the industry today. Our certified destruction work helps ensure that your sensitive materials are conveniently destroyed according to your timeframe and needs.

Affordable options

Our scheduled recurring destruction service is exceptionally affordable and is suitable for both the growing small business and the multinational organization. We work with hundreds of companies across the region to provide the ideal service for their unique destruction demands.

It’s the convenient approach to material destruction that supports effective operations at companies across the region. To speak with a specialist about your unique material destruction requirements, or to begin scheduling the destruction process with us today, call us now. A specialist is standing-by to answer your questions.