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Document Destruction Service



HOT Shred receives material to process in two general scenarios, first when someone delivers material to be processed (see Received Materials Process) and second when HOT Shred picks up material from a client’s location (Picked up Material Process).  Under either scenario, HOT Shred document destruction service follows these processes:


  • Material is received at the HOT Shreddock, delivered by the customer.

  • Material is removed from the customer's vehicle.

  • Material is weighed and documented on a HOT Shred Work Order Ticket (W/O).

  • W/O ticket is completed and signed off on by both the customer and HOT Shred Customer is given the white copy of ticket.

  • Material is moved to the secure shred room and placed in order to be shred/destroyed.

  • If customer requests to witness material being destroyed, customer is asked to sign the guest register, material is then placed for immediate destruction.


  • Should delivered or received material need to be weighed, prior to moving material to secure shred room, materials are weighed on HOT Shred's certified scales.

  • W/O ticket is updated with description of material and material weight.

  • Material is then moved to the secure shred room.


  • Shredded material is dumped into the baler. The baler compacts material from various customers into a bale of shredded material weighing approximately 1,100 pounds.

  • As bales are produced, they are moved to the "Wall" within the secure shred room via forklift.


  • HOT Shred Secure truck arrives at customer location and a HOT Shred employee retrieves containers, replacing full containers with clean, empty containers.

  • All containers are delivered with secure locks in place and all containers picked up are verified by HOT Shredemployee that they are locked and secure prior to placing containers in secure HOT Shred locked truck.

  • HOT Shred employee completes a HOT Shred W/O and attains customer signature prior to leaving Customer facility. White copy of W/O is left with the customer.

  • Once placed in secure truck, containers are delivered to HOT Shred's secure facility

  • Locked containers are removed from the truck and placed in secure shred room and placed in order for destruction.


  • Material is moved to the HOT Shred tipper to begin the shred process.

  • Material is tipped and placed on the metering table.

  • Material is sifted, then placed on the conveyor belt which then feeds into the shredder.

  • Any contaminants, plastics, trash, heavy metals, etc. are removed to protect both the shredder itself and the integrity of the recycled material.

  • Once shred, the material continues onto the conveyor belt to the baler.


  • When HOT Shred is prepared to dispose of it&aposs processed paper, attaining a mass of 45 to 46 bales of shredded paper on the Wall, HOT Shred contacts its recycling broker and arranges for a pickup/delivery.

  • The trailer on site is loaded with baled paper on the morning of the scheduled pickup.

  • The recycling broker, after dropping an empty trailer, transports the baled paper to its facility where it is either transported on to a local paper mill or it is re-loaded to rail car to be transported as a larger load to a paper mill.

  • All baled materials are then recycled at the paper mill into other types of paper material. Usually, the type material that is produced at HOT Shredis converted to Toilet Paper or Tissue paper.

For more information about document shredding in Waco, TX, and the surrounding areas, contact our document destruction specialists today at (254) 826-2069.

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